High School Study Abroad Programs Overview

There are specialized companies that offer excellent high school study abroad programs that helps students open their minds, perspectives, to see the world, and to learn a foreign language. These high school exchange programs are flexible, and range from doing a short term exchange, a full semester, or even a full academic year of studying abroad. To have a better idea of the types of international high school programs feel free to visit Nacel’s website http://www.nacel.org/high-school-programs, Nacel is a leader company specialized on international study abroad programs.

High School Study Abroad Programs - Students in Classroom

An Awesome Cultural Enriched Experience Abroad

Like most overseas programs, students are matched with a highly screened and recommended host family who will give them the opportunity to expand their socio-cultural learning of the country, and of the language itself. The great thing about these high school study abroad programs is that there are several different countries and languages to choose from. These include: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, and Spanish programs. Each program has it’s own unique charms including the location of study, tourist attractions, and the high school courses that students will be linked with. This is most certainly a fascinating and life changing opportunity for students to study abroad, experience new things, to learn a new language, and to learn new skills.

Study Abroad While Learning Different Cultures

English High School Study Abroad Programs

English programs are taught in seven different locations, including: Australia, Canada, China (International English boarding schools), Ireland, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

French, German, Italian, Japanese & Portuguese Programs

French programs are taught primarily in France. German, Italian, Portuguese, and Japanese programs are taught in their respective countries’ schools naturally, and finally, the Spanish programs are taught either in Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, or Spain.

An overseas experience for any student is a life changing experience. This will mean complete immersion into a different way of life. Not only is this a way to learn important cross cultural competence, perspective taking, social traditions, and geography, but it is also a great and fun way to learn a new language. These high school study abroad programs will also offer the extra added bonus of travel and tourism while on a student budget.

International Homestay Programs Overview

Most homestay programs typically offer a very special experience for students. Students get to live day to day life as if they were living in that country as a student and resident. Students are expected also to participate in regular family chores around the house and in social customs of politeness and respect.

These programs are especially wonderful for students who are curious, inquisitive, who like to try new things, and who are open to trying the new local diets. Many homestay programs tend to take place in more rural areas like the French countryside for example. Larger cities typically do not have housing sizes that are able to offer up rooms to these programs. Once in the homestay program, many creative outlets for learning exist. These include school integration, high school study abroad programs, home schooling, or specialized programs such as Discovery Paris in France.

In terms of eligibility requirements for the home stay programs, students must be from 13 to 18 years old. The programs are geared towards more curious and independent individuals and it will place them with either an Australian host family, a Canadian host family, a German host family, or other country host families to help them to discover their customs and way of living.

The shortest home stay is 4 weeks long. Other programs are available per term, semester, or school year. Homestay families will be responsible for all of room and board so that the student will only need to worry about adapting to life in their host country, and about studying.

The applications for this program need to be submitted at least 2 months before departure. It is important to note that students are not eligible to choose the specific area within the country they choose. The corresponding study abroad company will place each student within the hosting country they choose from.

Dates for travel and study are available all year round and are flexible for start dates, but are subject to host family availability.

Homestay Programs For 18+ Age Students

For students wishing to pursue a similar program but who are 18 years of age or older, a similar program has been created which includes half board and accommodation. For the 18 + program, students are expected to be a lot more independent, and the destinations are a bit different from the regular homestay programs. Pure homestay 18 + programs are offered in the UK, Malta, Germany, Spain, and the USA.

International Language Programs Overview

International Language Programs Overview

Language programs are comprehensive and it’s not just the fun, tourism, and new culture that will be stimulating for the students, but also the quality educational programs that come with the package. These programs include: intensive language camp, language courses and activities, and school residences. Language classes are held in the morning, and afternoons are devoted to excursions and activities. A weekly full-day activity may complete the language course program. For the language camp, tutorials are given where the teacher to student ratio is 1:5 at the most.

International High School Programs - Learn a Language in Another Country

A typical day in a group tutoring session includes 3 hours or more devoted to language classes and then group lunches under the tutor’s supervision. The afternoon consists of 2.5 hours of more active sightseeing activities monitored by their teacher. These camps are full of short tutorials and leisure activity breaks. Students get to learn with same paced peers in a small group indoor or outdoor setting. Language courses will typically take place in the school, and this will be a part of their overall exchange program. These courses will be more structured to ensure that intensive learning occurs. Students will also be able to interact in the school residences for immersion into student life in their host country.

Learn a Language in Another Country - Study Abroad

Overall, high school study abroad programs, home stay programs, and international language programs are sure to enrich each student’s educational experience. A variety of skill sets are learned during our study abroad and cross cultural exchange programs. These include language development, social skills development, perspective taking, cross cultural knowledge development, geographical awareness, historical awareness, independence, problem solving, and overall growth and development. Study abroad programs are not only educational, but they are life changing experiences for students.